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Personal Coaching

Shift your current situation with inspiration and support to move forward and make positive changes in your life. Karen’s direct and clear guidance in your life will allow you to envision and create the new reality you have been hoping for. Complete the form below to be contacted for more information about personal coaching sessions.


personal coaching

Creating Right Livelihood 

Following the Path of Your True Talents

Balancing the Spiritual and Business Scales


Designing Your Perfect Schedule

Keeping Personal and Business Balance

Knowing Your Personal Cycle for Optimum Health and Productivity

Creating Personal Time in a Demanding Schedule

Travel vs Home Office Time

Creating a Second Office at Home


personal consulting and coaching

Organizing Your Personal Life

Setting and Prioritizing Your Goals

Chronicling Time Usage

Consolidating Tasks for Increased Time

Optimizing Use of Your Time

Get the Best Tools for Organizing

Establishing Systems

Delegating and Getting Help from Others

Practice just saying “No”


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Creating Community With Your: 

Primary Partner



Peers in Your Industry

Life Peers

Network-ing for Success and Support


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On-Going Development of Your:

Business Skills

Leadership Skills

Management Skills

Networking Skills

Speaking Skills

Social Skills


Being Prepared for Media Expressions

Photo Shoots

Interviews for TV, Radio and in-person

Public Speaking

Video Shoots


Handling Advertising and Media Content

Privacy vs Promotion Issues

Writing Your Promotable Bio

Creating a Promotable Profile

Putting Your Best Foot Forward

Social Media Content


Businessman is reading a book

Financial Considerations   

Personal Long and Short-Term Goals

Personal Liabilities from Your Business

Assembling a Great Legal and Financial Team

Game plans to Protect Yourself and Your Family

Balancing Personal Wealth and Business Growth

Maintaining the Corporate Shield

Designing a Solid Asset Portfolio

Exit Strategy from Your Business



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Special Situations 

Working with Your Significant Other

Working with Relatives

Adding to Your Family with a New Member

Knowing when to Take a Step Back

Surviving Divorce Intact

Managing Health Issues

Getting through a Family Crisis