What people are saying about Karen’s Events!

“The money playshop gave me the insight to start a new path-to learn we have enough for all our needs. In gratitude ”

Anne Bradford Del Mar, CA

“I came to the retreat today with blockages to having and keeping money. I was the victim of domestic violence in my first marriage where I was beaten and money taken from me regularly. I also won a lawsuit with a significant settlement, which was gambled away by my second husband. I was holding onto a belief that if I just give it away or spend it as quick as I get it, at least I have some control. Today I released this belief! As a business owner, this shift is significant to my success and opens me up to prosperity and healing.”

Beverly Fisher San Diego, California

“If I keep my mind open there are free things everywhere. The universe is Abundant-I love that, it was a good reminder. Really enjoyed this short workshop today!

Fatima B San Diego, California

“I was impressed with the “being open to receive money exercise.” It brought a refreshed awareness of how if you hold on tightly to what you have then you are closed off to receiving more. Great visual to connect to.”

Rhonda Savino San Diego, CA

“What a refreshing paradigm shift that helped open me up to new opportunities to attract more abundance in my life with and without money.”

Deb Brightstar, Business Owner and Entrepreneur Oceanside, California

“Karen is a wealth of information. I am so excited to use the prosperity affirmations daily.“

Brenda Wetmore San Diego, California


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Upcoming Events


TV Host for C2F – Concept 2 Fashion YouTube show www.concept2fashion.com

Covering all aspects of the design world the show interviews top people in the industry for current market trends and events. I’ll be hosting shows with these diverse individuals and sharing what’s new.

Karen’s New Book– look for this upcoming book to be out soon on discovering your soul purpose and how to align it with your life and career for achieving your greatest dreams.

Events You May Have Missed


A Star is Born remake

Movie filming with appearances on stage as a friend of Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper’s band. Feature length movie scheduled for release September 2018.


BOOK LAUNCH: Thank God I Went through Hell

Inspiring stories from leading spiritual innovators revealing how their worst crises led to their greatest successes. Downloadable e-book versions are available beginning May 2016. 

February 10th 2016

Speaking Presentation:  “Launch Your Career with the Right Niche”
Guest lecturer in workshop for pre-graduation design students at San Diego Community College.

January 2016

“Thank God I” Interview Host: with Kathleen Singer

Feeling Gratitude in the Hidden Gift of Cancer https://soundcloud.com/thankgodi/kathleen-singer-interview-karen-orell


May 21st 2015

Etsy Entrepreneur Workshop:  “Increasing Your Etsy Store Traffic and Presence”

In-depth focus on techniques to improve store visibility, niche market refinement and attracting more customers.  This also involved interactive problem solving  with store owners in a case study environment using their existing Etsy stores.


BOOK LAUNCH: Step Into Your Vision 2.0

Top business leaders, including Les Brown, Eric Lofholm, John Assaraf and  Karen Orell share their greatest tips for goal setting. This new edition is available in a downloadable e-book beginning February 2014. 

January 25th 2014

Career Presentation:  “Networking Your Way to Success On and Off-line”

A workshop at Quicksilver’s headquarters in Orange County with valuable guidelines on being your authentic self as a foundation for achieving career happiness.  Tap into your unique soul path as the best avenue for success.


October 12th 2013

Transform and Thrive Women’s Retreat

A wonderful women’s retreat day called “Transform and Thrive! Your Money, Your Health, Your Life!” Karen Orell shared her  “Money Playshop” along with three other inspiring presenters for fun and interactive presentations. Lucky women took a “Me Day” to enjoy a nurturing experience created to support them! The small group size supported the participants in having a more intimate and life-changing experience. This is scheduled to be an annual event.

October 2013

Building Trust Online Summit: On-Line Summit for Heart Centered Entrepreneurs!

Karen Orell participated as one of thirteen experts in the inspiring “Art of Connection – Building Trust Online” virtual event.  Hosted by Catherine Jimenez-Spencer, who interviewed a panel of knowledgeable experts, and shared ground breaking techniques with all the heart-centered entrepreneurs out there ready to learn news ways to effortlessly attract their ideal clients and prosper! http://buildingtrustonlinesummit.com/Karen


January 6th Speed Dating for Professionals Event at Wine Cabana in Old Town San Diego
February 11th Speed Dating for Professionals Event at JSix in San Diego
February 13th Speed Dating for Professionals Event at Wine Cabana in Old Town San Diego
February 26th Speed Dating for Professionals Event at Wine Cabana in Old Town San Diego
March 19th Speed Dating for Professionals Event at Wine Cabana in Old Town San Diego 
June 17th Glen Ivy Women Professionals Getaway to Corona California


June 11th Glen Ivy Women Professionals Getaway to Corona California
October 29th Speed Dating for Professionals Event at Las Hadas in San Diego Gaslamp District
November 17th Speed Dating for ProfessionalscEvent at Imperial House in downtown San Diego
December 10th Speed Dating for Professionals Event at Wine Cabana in Old Town San Diego

Group Trips & Adventures

For over twenty years Karen has hosted participants on both US and International trips that are life-changing. Each one is carefully planned to a sacred site and in conjunction with a significant local or astrological event. Participants have achieved remarkable shifts during and after these group travels and say they have stood out as a major landmark in their lives. 

Prior group trips have included:

American River rafting trip, Moaning Caverns repel, Bahamas scuba diving and dolphin swim, Cozumel back country adventure, Yucatan Peninsula adventure trip, Mt. Shasta Harmonic Convergence Gathering, Maui Crater for Easter sunrise service, Machu Pichu Peru trip with Inca Trail camp out and Costa Rica rain forest, volcano and sea turtle viewing.