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With extensive expertise in a variety of businesses including retail, wholesale and on-line, Karen has the skills to take your business to the next level. After targeting issues in your start-up or on-going business Karen will design a unique program to streamline your internal operations and leverage your current assets to their optimun. For more information about Karen’s experience click here.  For more information about how Karen can help your business complete the form below.


Programs for Your Business
Areas of Your Business that Karen can assist with:
Starting Your Start-Up
Creating Right Livelihood
Developing a Real-World Business Plan
Establishing Your Corporate Structure
Targeting Your Customer
Defining Products and Services
Creating a Winning Team
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Financial Considerations
Initial Start-Up Funding
Forecasting Revenues, Expenses and Funding Needs
Asset Purchases-the best for the least
Increasing Revenues with Existing Assets
Cash Management for Optimizing Cash Flow
Creating Multiple Revenue Streams
Reducing Existing Expenses
Funding Your Business Growth
Your Products and Services
Defining Your Products and Services
Product Development
Product Acquisitions
Intellectual Properties
Creating Support Teams for Products and Services
Product or Service Revisions and New Releases
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Creating Win-Win-Win Partnerships for:  
Key Management
Joint Venture Partnerships
Intellectual Properties
Leases for Space and Equipment
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HR Considerations    
Creating a Winning Team
Optimum Team Size
Employees or Contractors
Managing Your Team
Leading With Vision
Developing an Employee Handbook
Getting the Policies and Procedures
Keeping Your Team Focused
Managing by Example
Managing by Walking Around
Managing Outside Contractors
Overcoming HR Challenges
Supplementing Your Team with Contractors
Optimizing Your Teams Talents
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Sales Avenues    
Wholesale Distributors
Fulfillment Houses
Marketing and Promotion   
Timing Promotions
Choosing the best Joint Ventures and Partnerships
Creating Affiliate Marketing Programs
Public Relations as Third Party Endorsement
Print, TV, Radio
“How To’s” of Using Social Media
Special Promotions Such as Targeted Audience and Seasonal
Optimizing Off-Site and Remote Work Locations
Team Management, Motivation and Coordination
Project Management
Fulfillment Houses
Off-Site Manufacturing
Sub-Contracting Manufacturing
International Considerations
On-Going Business Issues
Staying On Course
Managing Sales Cycles
Managing Controlled Growth
Sales and Cash Flow with Seasonal Businesses
Funding Growth Cycles
Revising Your Course and Course Corrections
Revising Your Business Plan
Developing New Products and Services
Timing for Product Launches
Keeping the Dream Alive with Your Company Vision
Creating Community
Community Commitment
Community Involvement
Environmental solution
Exit Strategies 
Balancing Your Personal Goals with Your Business Goals