“My mission is to inspire, mentor and empower entrepreneurs and small business owners to achieve and live their greatest dreams, changing their lives and the lives of all those they touch, to create a more fulfilled and prosperous global community.”

Wouldn’t you love to dream of, create and then live the life you really prefer? It’s possible and change can actually be a fun opportunity. Your journey to that perfect life is uniquely your own and I would love to do everything I can to make it a successful one!
Thousands of people have benefited from the support I’ve provided and had amazing miracles happen in their lives. There are a number of ways we can “co-create” your future for both your business and your personal life too. Please check out my on-going programs and upcoming events. Sign up for my e-news and I’ll send you free tips and keep you updated on coming events. I’m looking forward to speaking with you or meeting you in-person in the near future. Let me know how I can best support you!
To Your Success!


Small business owners and entrepeneurs
Small business owners and entrepeneurs
Business Consulting
Personal Coaching
Building Community
Building Community
Group Coaching
Genuineness and Healing


Business Testimonials

“I love working with Karen. In just my first session with her, she helped me to gain the clarity and insight I needed to make a major breakthrough in my business launch. Before our session I knew I was stuck somewhere, but I couldn’t even describe the problem. After my session with Karen I had complete clarity about the problem I was facing, the direction I needed to go and the exactly what I needed to do to fix it. I immediately applied her recommendations and it made a huge difference for my business. On top of all of that Karen was a lot of fun to work with. Thanks Karen.”

Seth Mondschein CEO BeVitality

“Karen has helped me define my niche and come to understand how important it is to work with the kind of people that I can support. Knowing who I am and what my goals and values are is critical to this process. Thank you Karen for all your years of knowledge and expertise in business. You have made my path so much more clear and enjoyable.”

Kim Marrone-Williams Owner My Perfection in Progress

“On behalf of my clients and myself I would like to thank you for your assistance. Your pleasant personality and willingness to assist with the home sales process was greatly appreciated.”

David Pettigrew Senior Real Estate Sales Associate

“I made so much money this year and I would have never been able to do that without Karen. Everything I want to happen in my life is now happening, and I have a whole lot to be thankful for.”

Christina Cole Owner Together Again Memory Beads

“Karen has been instrumental in taking my business to a whole new level. When we met, my business was going through a transition of focus. Karen helped me to synthesize a new way of looking at my business, what gifts I have to offer, and prodded me to make the changes necessary to truly maximize my potential. I have found her to be resourceful in helping me make connections and thinking outside of my own box. I am very thankful to have met her through a colleague and to have her on my team!”

Debra Guttas Owner Younique Gemstones

“You’re Brilliant!”

Todd Calongne Professional Coach

“Karen Orell makes things happen. In a few minutes of mentioning a special event I had planned, she came up with numerous pointers to make it a huge success, including a contact with a special local favorite singer. In retrospect, speaking with Karen helped boost the event ten-fold, and I’m so grateful to have reached out to her. “

Jim Ellis Owner, Legacy Productions

“Karen has a keen ability to look at a situation and offer constructive suggestions for enhancement. She brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to her work. She is a resource that I, as an entrepreneur, find valuable. Karen-I enjoyed our time together and my mind has been working on the suggestions you gave me. Thank you for being you. I look forward to our next get together.”

Joyla Gregory Owner San Diego Charm School

“Karen is extremely business savvy, sincere and dedicated to her work. In just a few short weeks working together I have received major insight. I now have a clear, concise pathway for my start up company. Her passion motivates me to just do it, not to mention the step-by-step instructions she is more than willing to provide.
Much love and gratitude!!!!!”

Coach Ki Owner One Sweet Success Consulting

“I have my sanity back. Thanks to Karen, she has given me a sense of direction and a solid foundation from which to proceed with my business and life. I was literally running in circles and driving myself crazy in a panic trying to figure all this out on my own. In just moments after meeting her, I knew that she was the coach I was looking for, and I was looking for one for a long time. She has experience in every facet I am working on, and this alone allows me to relax. I know I am in good hands. She’s assigning me some challenging stuff, and I am growing and becoming a better person for it. Instead of being afraid to move forward and take blind risks, I am now so excited to jump into my new developments and become successful. Her insights and inspiration resonate with me to the core, and I feel great! Thank you, Karen, for your shining personality, loving support, intuitive guidance, and patience in watching me grow.”

Christina Cole Owner Torched Art

“Extremely knowledgeable and a joy to work with! “

Carole Goldstein Image Consultant

“As the IT Manager for the Health Services Research and Development Division I collaborated with Karen on a daily basis. As the program manager for the administrative and budget personnel Karen was always the top notch professional that could be relied upon.”

Walt Boyle System Administrator, FAA

“Karen Orell is a very skilled and dependable person to work with. She draws on past experience with companies in varied industries which are very helpful in designing innovative marketing strategies. Her financial background allows her to offer creative ideas and marketing strategies that are fiscally realistic and measureable. She has the ability to drill down in virtually any department within a growing company and identify problems, offer solutions, and measure results as they relate to achieving the goals of management. A very dependable and resourceful person to have on any team.”

Dan Hirning President / CEO, Firezat, Inc.

“Karen Orell is the most clear, conscious and organized person you can find. Her high IQ, extensive book and intuitive knowledge, plus her creativity and “positive results orientation” makes Karen a “Find of the Century” if you are lucky enough to have her as part of any project you may be doing (including if the project is “yourself”). Karen is the best, bar none with her top qualities being; creating great results, being personable and an expert at what she does.

Bruce E. Singer President, BES Marketing & Promotion


Personal Testimonials

“Karen showed me that I can rewrite and reprogram my limiting beliefs so I can get out of my own way and let money flow into me.

Kypris Aster Drake Sex and Intimacy Expert

“It was so refreshing to have a meaningful conversation with you last night…at one moment, I thought that an angel touched me, and sent you my way, in order to realize what is important in life…your poignant story about your son, helped me put things in perspective, about me and my son…and I am eternally grateful to you for that. I hope we’ll meet again soon, and exchange wisdom.”

Gracefully Lily (aka Irena Goldner) Coachella Valley, California

“Karen took less than two minutes to cut to the core of my limiting beliefs and coach me to a powerful alternative.”

Ann-Margaret Vann San Franciso, California

“I have my hope back thanks to you Karen.”

Kathleen Hanlen Owner PS Upon Your Request

“I love working with you. I love my life!”

Bran Tarr Owner Simple Bytes

“Amazing is all I can say…Karen helps you tap into your hidden strengths…Her words of wisdom and love for life will give you the encouragement to help you pick yourself up, dust off, and have the energy to start over with a sense of drive and passion. This lady is a miracle worker!”

RuthAnne Ray, Hemet, CA

“I have my hope back thanks to you Karen.”

Kathleen Hanlen Owner, P.S. Upon Your Request


Event Testimonials

“The money playshop gave me the insight to start a new path-to learn we have enough for all our needs. In gratitude ”

Anne Bradford Del Mar, CA

“I came to the retreat today with blockages to having and keeping money. I was the victim of domestic violence in my first marriage where I was beaten and money taken from me regularly. I also won a lawsuit with a significant settlement, which was gambled away by my second husband. I was holding onto a belief that if I just give it away or spend it as quick as I get it, at least I have some control. Today I released this belief! As a business owner, this shift is significant to my success and opens me up to prosperity and healing.”

Beverly Fisher San Diego, California

“If I keep my mind open there are free things everywhere. The universe is Abundant-I love that, it was a good reminder. Really enjoyed this short workshop today!

Fatima B San Diego, California

“I was impressed with the “being open to receive money exercise.” It brought a refreshed awareness of how if you hold on tightly to what you have then you are closed off to receiving more. Great visual to connect to.”

Rhonda Savino San Diego, CA

“What a refreshing paradigm shift that helped open me up to new opportunities to attract more abundance in my life with and without money.”

Deb Brightstar, Business Owner and Entrepreneur Oceanside, California

“Karen is a wealth of information. I am so excited to use the prosperity affirmations daily.“

Brenda Wetmore San Diego, California